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Bryan and Steph were a blast and very professional. They worked with me to make sure we got exactly what we were looking for. Emails were answered promptly and Bryan was just very helpful in general. He was great to work with. The final product was more than we could have hoped for. We were brought to tears when we saw our photos. Thank you Bryan and Steph!



Owner and Photographer

Hi! I am Bryan…Father of 3 beautiful girls (Emily, Makayla and Liliana), devoted husband to my beautiful wife Nikki, recognized graphic designer and award-winning photographer. We started this business because we knew we could bring better photography to Buffalo, NY and beyond.  I am passionate about my art. My goal is to get better and better everyday as a man, father, husband and professional. Let me do what I do for you.

Favorite Comedians: Louis CK, Chris Rock, Larry David

Special talent: Jamming some blues on an Alto Saxophone





Stephanie Strohmeier

Senior Photographer

Steph joined out team in 2013. Steph is a dedicated mother and genuine friend. Stephanie and Bryan are cousins born 4 weeks apart. They have great chemistry. Stephanie is a great photographer and excellent at navigating and organizing the craziness of a shoot, most notably the wedding day. Steph is good at keeping the smiles flowing throughout the shoot.

Best dish: Chicken Wing Dip

Fav Author and Book Series: Jodi Piccault and Harry Potter


BM PhotoBoothers
Nichole Jamieson
Nichole Jamieson

Photobooth Manager and Sales Associate

Nikki is a doll and happens to be my wife. She is a cheery girl who adds positive vibes to your event. She is quick on her feet and a pleasure to work with. Nikki simply makes things run smooth for your event. Your event is sure to be a hit with Nikki and Kristin.

Great bite to eat: Chicken Finger Pizza from Roman Cafe in North Tonawanda

Fun fact: Nikki works in Quality Control for a local Medical Manufacturer



Kristin Lozinski
Kristin Lozinsky

Photobooth Manager and Sales Associate

Kristin is a cute and energetic girl. She is sure to make your guests smile. Kristen is a resourceful, problem-solving manager type who will make sure everything goes smoothly during your event. Your event is sure to be a hit with Nikki and Kristin.

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter

Fun Fact: Kristin teaches 2nd grade






Buffalo Wedding is a one-stop for your wedding planning. They get you great discounts and are fun to work with.


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